Jun 19, 2007

Mocha Java

Taking our
"Inspiration from Wood" is this week's challenge at Inspire Me Thursday .
I designed
"Mocha Java" a few months ago for a would-be (hmm...that was a pun!) client...who changed their mind. As it turned out though, I'm so glad they did...because once I tried it on I didn't want to part with it! This set really makes a statement...plus, it's lightweight...and easy to wear...and looks great with so many things! It's a crowning glory for my neck - & ears! And...they both look good worn separately too!
Funny how that works...I never would have made this for myself. Hmm...I just might continue to use this tactic...it'd be kind of fun to sneak up on my rational mind...and create something outside the box for myself...just pretend it's for somone else! Ahh..there's always a way to keep creativity fresh. The Art of Pretending, rocks!!


megan said...

YES...sneaking up on your rational mind...what a great way to think about slipping out of its grip...and a tight grip it is! Words I'll use today. Thank you!

This piece looks so warm & mellow & smooth. It's beautifully balanced. Glad it got to stay home!

Landi said...

This is really lovely Cheryl. I can imagine that the soft sood feels great as well.

L.A. said...

Really gorgeous... think of it as a gift to yourself!

Pattie Mosca said...

The look is magnificent...I am sure the smoothness of the wood made it a wonderful element to play with...Your insight into yourself however is MOST inspiring!! LOVE IT CHERYL!!!!!!!!!!! You do amazing things with beads!

Jennifer said...

This set is so elegant! You did a great job.

Hélène Deroubaix said...


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