Jan 19, 2007

The Muse Has Landed

OK...I wanted to tell you a little story about my creative process inside my Magical Mango Studio --and in the midst of it I realized that this Blogger.com site has inconvenient quirks...therefore...the sequence of my story is out of order...or is it? Well I figured we might as well have some fun with this...so I numbered the entries-- Hey...it works out even better -- now it's a game! So whether you choose to read the entries "as is" -- or scroll up and down to read in chronological order of 1-5...(whew! I got a little dizzy doing that) -- please enjoy...have fun! Writing this has been a blast -- and sharing it here...quirks and all...is my pleasure. Let the games begin!
5.)--OK..so the Bead Soup has simmered and it's ready to be served up. Ideas find their way through Intuition into my hands...by way of my Muse who's tapping me on the shoulder...guiding me...whispering in my ear saying.. "it's time...let's do this...now!" She's swirling all around me; so I take heed and begin playing with design possibilities...arranging and rearranging my jewels...a pearl here, new jade there ...chrysophrase chips in between...ahh, such beauty is being woven together. It feels good to be in the flow of my creative bliss - I give thanks...the muse has landed!

In this picture I was in the midst of designing the Artfully Yours necklace --So there it is --a day in the life...of "the beading muse"... figuratively speaking of course -- this dance can last a number of days, or weeks.

The Mango Candle

2.-- Doesn't this candle look good enough to eat? It's name is even delicious: "Mango, Grapefruit & Passion Punch"...made by Candle-lite. I call it a parfait candle because it has three frangranced layers...one for each of the yummy flavors above -- and it smells...hmm...what's the word..."happy"...yep that's it... if "happy" had a scent this would be it! This candle was brand new in this picture. I bought it to christen my newly-created Magical Mango Studio last summer. Now it's about burned half-way down...symbolizing a lot of creative play has taken place!
When I go in the Studio to work on a project I ceremoniously take a few deep breaths, close my eyes...say a little prayer... affirmation...or poem as I acknowledge my parents...and give thanks for them and their abundant creative talents which perennially graced our home...both while growing up and long after.* Their abundant love and creativity was a vibration that was felt by all whom entered their home and garden. So...it's with this candle ritual that I honor them when I begin my creative work. It's impossible for me to create anything without me thinking of them...and having their spirit with me...and acknowledging that makes my experience even more intimate and powerful.

*An invitation to read "Creature Comforts".

The Magical Mango Studio

1.)-- I thought it'd be nice to change this up a bit, and rather than post a finished piece of jewelry, talk a little about how the finished pieces...begin. This is my work table in my Magical Mango Studio -- which, like my entire life life...is a beautiful work-in-progress.
It just so happens that photo #1 shows my SoulCollage® card-making in process,* (no jewelry-making that day) with "Joan of Arcadia" dvd to keep me company! The second photo shows the way I prefer to leave the table - clear like a blank canvas -- although there's something intriguing about having so much out, surrounding me while I'm creating -- each image (or bead) whispers to me...telling me what it wants to become...*See SoulCollage® cards here
My studio is a basic, cozy room painted in this scrumptious canteloupe-mango color --thanks to my daughter! It feels so good being in here, and I'm consistently embellishing it. I have fragrant candles all around...I play music and often sing aloud... having my own keraoke night!...with a live audience of course...my Mango Kitty--Ike. It's an experience that delights the senses...and soothes my soul.

The Mango Kitty

4.)-- Throughout this whole time of hangin' out in my Studio courting my Muse...my Magical Mango kitty -Ike- keeps me company... chattering away with his meow that quite often sounds like a flat "quack"- if you imagine that! ...and sometimes it's as if he's meowing a question to me ..."meow?" I love it when he's up on the table next to me purring and chortling away, somtimes watching...sometimes napping; and if I'm not paying him enough attention...he'll start playing soccer with my beads! --Hey...here comes the little sweet potato right now... isn't he cute?
This little cutie is always teaching me something about himself...and..about myself as well. I'm always fascinated that Ike and I understand each other (usually) even though we speak different languages. Yep...our audio is different, but the heart's language is universal...it understands when nothing else does. When I finally "got" what Ike had been trying to tell me for counteless days when I'd come home from work...well...my heart melted...and I just had to write about it here. - Enjoy!

Jan 18, 2007

Channeling the Muse

3.)-- This is my Inspiration Basket...one of them. This is just a small representa-
tion of my raw materials, what I call "straw"...the straw I spin into the gold of my jewelry creations.

I begin by going through my stash of jewels feasting my eyes on the kaleidoscope of colors and textures, and feeling them to see which ones are wanting my attention...I then place them in the basket. I love to feel the different shapes, sizes and textures!...that's why it's called "Tactile Passions". This routine is a dance I do...it becomes a ritual...a priming of the pump so I can "channel the Muse"...and creative inspiration can flow.
I then begin to make Bead Soup...tossing various combinations into clear glass bowls to see what concoctions stike my fancy....sometimes nothing does...so in the meantime I'll work on SoulCollage(R) cards* or... turn up the "muse-ic", sing & "shake shake shake" to some of my favorite songs by let's see....Tina Turner, Prince, Chaka Kahn or Motown favs and a variety of oldies! -- or I might just start blogging!
Ya see...the creative process can be much like making a really good savory pot of homemade soup...there comes a time when you have to let go of the doing...and let it simmer, slowly. I've learned to recognize, respect and appreciate my ever-evolving creative process...and I remind myself of this truth: "The Muse knows what she's doing"...so I let go and allow her to come and have her way with me on her own terms.
*In the Magical Mango Studio I also make & work with SoulCollage® cards...which can be seen here and here.

~ What is SoulCollage? To learn more click here.

Jan 8, 2007

Moonbeams Bracelet - SOLD!

I love glass beads! - and these are one of my favorites. They are
"impressed" with a fascinating design that renders portions of the bead translucent..allowing for just a sprinkling of Moonbeams to shine through, which made the owner, Lee...very happy!

One-of-a-kind Elegance - SOLD!

These earrings are "elegance come to life" - made of mother of pearl* and sterling sliver. They were a commission from my friend, Elsa ...and are one-of-a kind...just like her!
(*I think that's mother-of-pearl..I'm still learning about the gems.)

Blue Tiger Lily Earrings - SOLD!

What a thrill! These earrings are the first of my creations to go abroad...all the way to Australia with my friend, and SoulCollage® Facilitator, Karen Mann...and they compliment her radiance brilliantly! So now...Austalia has Blue Tiger Lilies too!