Dec 29, 2006

Kaleidoscope Necklace

This necklace is like a celebration to me & is one of my favorites! The mixture of different shapes & sizes satisfies my "Tactile Passion" & the unexpected kaleidoscope of colors work well together.. & make it fun to wear. I always receive glowing compliments when I wear this necklace, from: "That is a beautiful necklace, where did you get it?""I would've never thought all those colors would look so good together, but they do!" ..."I've never seen anything like that before" ...which I definitely take as a compliment! -- I just love celebrating our uniqueness! Unfortunately we're in a world where too many people (mainly women) are subliminally seduced in one way or another to want to look like or be like someone other than themselves --being "different" is o often not appreciated, unless you're a celebrity...and that too can be up for grabs.
I've learned that relishing & basking in my uniqueness is a pre-requisite for my contentment, happiness & joy. Fully embracing it allows me to hit my stride in the cadence of life, and it's in that stride that I'm reminded even more deeply that..."life is good". My friends have shared similar realizations as well. we approach the new year, this is the blessing I send out into the universe today: "In 2007 may we unabashedly savor & celebrate our 'unihibited uniqueness' -yes this includes what some people call 'quirks' or 'idiosyncrasies' :) - & may we happily commit to cheering-on others to do the same." Namaste. Happy New Year!

Dec 28, 2006

Carol Merrill Necklace - SOLD!

OK, Carol Merrill of The Price is Right fame (or was it Let's Make a Deal?) did not get to take this necklace home, but my friend Carol did--and that rhymes with Merrill so...there we have it-- the Carol Merrill Necklace!
As I was creating jewelry for a trunk show last summer at "Unique Freaque"--the artist's boutique where I have my jewels on consignment --I took a break to enjoy myself at a cookout in the backyard of my friends Randy & Carol. I toted my newly created designs, and little did I know that Carol really liked this necklace. It wasn't until she and Randy walked in to the Unique Freaque and purchased it the day of my show that it hit me. What a thrill! Carol liked it so much she wore it home, and called me later in the week excited that it looked even better than she thought after she paired it with something else from her wardrobe.
It's delightful to run into Randy & Carol in the summer and see her wearing the oppposed to Randy :)) For me that's one of the best rewards, seeing others enjoy wearing my creations. It's their investment in their heart's delight-- and what better jewelry-prize to find behind door #1, 2 or 3 for my friend Carol...than the Carol Merril Necklace!
An invitation to view handcrafted art from around the globe, Unique Freaque: -- Please tell Kay, the owner...and my friend...that I sent you!

Christina Bracelet

Another project that was a thrill to make for my friend Elsa's daughter, Christina. This was her high school graduation present (I remember when she was born!--time does fly).
This technique of joining metal rings in a specific linking method to create different "weaves" is called Chain Maille. I learned from the person I consider the Goddess of Chain Maille, Rebeca of Blue Buddha Boutique. She's not only a genius, passionate about Chain Maille and has invented countless new weaves of her own; she's warm, generous and one of the most creative people I know!

Rock-a-Bye Earrings

So far, these are my favorite earrings. I wear them year-round both with casual, and dressier things.
I designed them one night while playing with beads and inexpensive wire while on the phone with a friend. Hmm...some of my best creating comes while doing,or thinking about "something else"! After the call, I created these using 14k gold-fill wire and vintage glass beads. They are lightweight and "rock" gently on my ears.

BeJewelled! - SOLD!

"BeJewelled" necklace (and pair of earrings, not shown) was a commission from a business associate turned-friend. Jewelle wanted a one-of-a-kind choker to complement her gorgeous, strapless chocoate evening dress --- and she got it!

Dec 27, 2006

The Patricia Stone Necklace - SOLD!

I purchased this stone at The Whole Bead Show from a long-time entre-preneur who collects river rocks and stones, cleans them, drills the holes and prepares them for their transformation into jewelry for the nature Patricia, the owner of this necklace.

The Lisa Set - SOLD!

Named after the friend who fell in love with this set, and decided to make it her own!

Emerald City Bracelet Set

A stylish & classic set to dress up...or down - Earrings, SOLD!

Funky Hoops

Last summer with a little memory wire and ingenuity, I came up with an earring design I call "Funky Hoops" made in a rainbow of colors and textures. One of the great things about hoop earrings is , whether casual or dressy they are always "in style".
Featured here, "Key Lime" earrings.

Deep Blue Sea Necklace

My heart buzzed like a happy bee while I created this necklace (and earrings) to benefit breast cancer research. I donated it to the silent auction for "The Breast Cancer Fundraiser Ball." Just one more of the countless ways our creative talents can benefit others.
Jewelle of the "BeJewelled" necklace (above) liked this one so much, she commissioned me to make one for her too!

The Elsa Set

I created this set as a hostess gift for my long-time friend Elsa who hosted a jewelry show for me in her home. The show was a success, as good food and fun were shared by good friends... and everyone went home with jewelry they loved...except for a few who had good-natured tug-of-war over a piece or two :)

Artfully Yours Necklace

I named this necklace --"Artfully Yours" because I designed it for my friend, Pattie; she's an amazing artist...and her her blog is called..yep, you guessed it, "Artfully Yours". By the way she loved the necklace! ..and earrings, shown here .
To see Pattie's incredible, colorful and whimsical works of art click here: Arfully Yours and

Dec 18, 2006

Turquoise Pyramid Earrings -- SOLD!

I can make more, e-mail me! These lightweight, versatile earrings are made of stabilized howlite, offset with Bali silver, and hammered sterling silver triangular swirls. -- I've had such wonderfully-large response to these that I've started a waiting list! I'm in process of finding and replenishing materials to make more. Of course no two works of art are the same, they will be similar...or better. Thanks for your response!

These are on their way to a good home in suburban Illinois; a birthday present from a thoughtful husband thrilled to find something for his wife that is as he stated of "unique artistry" and "looks better than the picture"! -- It's an intoxicatingly-happy feeling to know my creativity can make others happy!

By the way, the beautiful backdrop for these earrings it a handmade fused-glass coaster, designed by my artist-friend, Amy. She sells them in sets of two. If you'd like to order them, drop me an e-mail.

Dec 11, 2006

Chunky Wood Necklace Set

This is a Show-stopper set, and is perfect for all seasons! It does double-duty from casual to as somewhat dressy. Made of smooth, chunky yet lightweight, asymetrical wood nuggets interpersed with smaller wooden bicone beads, seed beads and accented with golden vermeil daisies.
The icing on the cake is the custom clasp created by mio!--made of sturdy 14 k gold-fill wire. Close-up view, cliick on photo.
Necklace -- 17-1/4" long
Earrings - 1"H x 1"D

Chunky Wood Earrings

Smooth wood earrings are chunky, yet light weight. This is another angle of the earrings in the above photo.