Oct 4, 2007

Patrica Stone Earrings

Love these...
My favorite things to make...and wear...are earrings! Some women ae passionate about lipstick. Me? It's earrings! They're fun, and I always feel a bit sassy when I wear them (hee-hee) especially longer dangles : ) Even though I have many pairs that I like, these are my favorite -at least "so far". I know it won't be long before I dream up some new favorites!
When I started my business in 2003, my tagline was "Sassy, Classy Handcrated Jewelry". Even though I'm not currently selling my creations ...that slogan still lives in my heart. And, my Dream Team President (my beautiful & thoughtful daughter, Kamaria) had a very cool custom tile made for me that reads: "Tactile Passions - Sassy Classy Handcrafted Jewelry". It's a nice size (about 7"x7") and I have it right here in my Magical Mango Studio. Hmm, oneday I'll post that too!
As for these earrings, I designed them to coordinate with the Patrica Stone Necklace which made my friend Patrica, very happy!


Anonymous said...

I love my earrings AND necklace, and I get lots of compliments too.

I enjoy wearing them. thank you very much.

Claudia said...

You create beautiful thing. These earrings are gorgeous, so refined. Love your work.

Leah said...

the earrings are beautiful! love the drops at the bottom and the gratitude beans are wonderful!