Jan 18, 2007

Channeling the Muse

3.)-- This is my Inspiration Basket...one of them. This is just a small representa-
tion of my raw materials, what I call "straw"...the straw I spin into the gold of my jewelry creations.

I begin by going through my stash of jewels feasting my eyes on the kaleidoscope of colors and textures, and feeling them to see which ones are wanting my attention...I then place them in the basket. I love to feel the different shapes, sizes and textures!...that's why it's called "Tactile Passions". This routine is a dance I do...it becomes a ritual...a priming of the pump so I can "channel the Muse"...and creative inspiration can flow.
I then begin to make Bead Soup...tossing various combinations into clear glass bowls to see what concoctions stike my fancy....sometimes nothing does...so in the meantime I'll work on SoulCollage(R) cards* or... turn up the "muse-ic", sing & "shake shake shake" to some of my favorite songs by let's see....Tina Turner, Prince, Chaka Kahn or Motown favs and a variety of oldies! -- or I might just start blogging!
Ya see...the creative process can be much like making a really good savory pot of homemade soup...there comes a time when you have to let go of the doing...and let it simmer, slowly. I've learned to recognize, respect and appreciate my ever-evolving creative process...and I remind myself of this truth: "The Muse knows what she's doing"...so I let go and allow her to come and have her way with me on her own terms.
*In the Magical Mango Studio I also make & work with SoulCollage® cards...which can be seen here and here.

~ What is SoulCollage? To learn more click here.

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