Jan 19, 2007

The Mango Candle

2.-- Doesn't this candle look good enough to eat? It's name is even delicious: "Mango, Grapefruit & Passion Punch"...made by Candle-lite. I call it a parfait candle because it has three frangranced layers...one for each of the yummy flavors above -- and it smells...hmm...what's the word..."happy"...yep that's it... if "happy" had a scent this would be it! This candle was brand new in this picture. I bought it to christen my newly-created Magical Mango Studio last summer. Now it's about burned half-way down...symbolizing a lot of creative play has taken place!
When I go in the Studio to work on a project I ceremoniously take a few deep breaths, close my eyes...say a little prayer... affirmation...or poem as I acknowledge my parents...and give thanks for them and their abundant creative talents which perennially graced our home...both while growing up and long after.* Their abundant love and creativity was a vibration that was felt by all whom entered their home and garden. So...it's with this candle ritual that I honor them when I begin my creative work. It's impossible for me to create anything without me thinking of them...and having their spirit with me...and acknowledging that makes my experience even more intimate and powerful.

*An invitation to read "Creature Comforts".


Lucrezia said...

The magical mango studio must be very magical indeed for your jewelry is so beautiful.

"Creature comforts" is so beautiful and descriptive to read. I can almost taste and smell your childhood home and feel the comforting vibe too. A very enjoyable read that will spark the reader's own memories. 5 thumbs up! I enjoy reading your essays.

thebeadingmuse ~ said...

Hi Lucrezia,
Thank you! ...glad you can feel the Magic of the Mango.. It's a cozy, nurturing place. And, thank you for your compliments on my jewelry! I do love making it.

My "Creature Comforts" essay is very to me! Just writing it was so therapeutic..it reminded me of how rich my family life was...and is. Gratitude abounds!