Dec 27, 2006

Artfully Yours Necklace

I named this necklace --"Artfully Yours" because I designed it for my friend, Pattie; she's an amazing artist...and her her blog is called..yep, you guessed it, "Artfully Yours". By the way she loved the necklace! ..and earrings, shown here .
To see Pattie's incredible, colorful and whimsical works of art click here: Arfully Yours and


pattie mosca said...

Oh...the neclace is so beautiful in person!! I just adore it along with the earrings!! Paired it with a wonderful black turtleneck and some jeans the other day and received many WOW'S!!!!!!!!!!!!! This site is PURE EYE CANDY!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for my wonderful treat!!

Cheryl said...

That necklace is pure "you"! I am SO glad you like it, and you're getting lots of WOWS!

Thank for the compliments on the site :)

nici said...

Lucky, lucky Pattie!

Cheryl I just love your designs! I have (in the last year) gotten totally into beads and now have an addicition. Glass, mineral, gem, metal, bone, wood, them all. If you ever want to do a jewelry swap, let me know! I just posted a new set I made on my blog.