Jan 19, 2007

The Magical Mango Studio

1.)-- I thought it'd be nice to change this up a bit, and rather than post a finished piece of jewelry, talk a little about how the finished pieces...begin. This is my work table in my Magical Mango Studio -- which, like my entire life life...is a beautiful work-in-progress.
It just so happens that photo #1 shows my SoulCollage® card-making in process,* (no jewelry-making that day) with "Joan of Arcadia" dvd to keep me company! The second photo shows the way I prefer to leave the table - clear like a blank canvas -- although there's something intriguing about having so much out, surrounding me while I'm creating -- each image (or bead) whispers to me...telling me what it wants to become...*See SoulCollage® cards here
My studio is a basic, cozy room painted in this scrumptious canteloupe-mango color --thanks to my daughter! It feels so good being in here, and I'm consistently embellishing it. I have fragrant candles all around...I play music and often sing aloud... having my own keraoke night!...with a live audience of course...my Mango Kitty--Ike. It's an experience that delights the senses...and soothes my soul.


eslina said...

Hi Cheryl!
Oooh I love your Magical Mango Studio! Really colorful with the candle and your lamp looks very elegant! Wow you are one VERY creative & artistic soul! You create really beautiful bead jewelry and our artwork are very inspiring too :D Thank you for sharing and letting me look at where you create all these wonderful works or art! :D

Dia said...

Yumm - love this peek inside your studio, (& seeing your shining face!) I envy the nice neat surface, & relate to the wild array of colour & images to chose from in the first photo - yes! I wandered here from your posting on KalidoSoul; & reading about your transition into Mandala work! I am just getting started in SoulCollage, with an 'artsy-craftsy' background, & am excited to see where I will be led!!

Blessings on your work & play!