Dec 28, 2006

Christina Bracelet

Another project that was a thrill to make for my friend Elsa's daughter, Christina. This was her high school graduation present (I remember when she was born!--time does fly).
This technique of joining metal rings in a specific linking method to create different "weaves" is called Chain Maille. I learned from the person I consider the Goddess of Chain Maille, Rebeca of Blue Buddha Boutique. She's not only a genius, passionate about Chain Maille and has invented countless new weaves of her own; she's warm, generous and one of the most creative people I know!


Lucrezia said...

My daughter completly would love this bracelet too.
I like it myself!
Shouldn't leave a comment for everything:) but all your jewelry is gorgeous.

Jen said...

That bracelet is georgeous! Excellent work!

Rebeca said...

It looks great, Cheryl! And thank you for your very kind words. :) *blushes*

Cheryl, The Beading Muse ~ said...

Lucrezia, Jen & Rebeca,
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Chain Maille Rocks!!