Dec 29, 2006

Kaleidoscope Necklace

This necklace is like a celebration to me & is one of my favorites! The mixture of different shapes & sizes satisfies my "Tactile Passion" & the unexpected kaleidoscope of colors work well together.. & make it fun to wear. I always receive glowing compliments when I wear this necklace, from: "That is a beautiful necklace, where did you get it?""I would've never thought all those colors would look so good together, but they do!" ..."I've never seen anything like that before" ...which I definitely take as a compliment! -- I just love celebrating our uniqueness! Unfortunately we're in a world where too many people (mainly women) are subliminally seduced in one way or another to want to look like or be like someone other than themselves --being "different" is o often not appreciated, unless you're a celebrity...and that too can be up for grabs.
I've learned that relishing & basking in my uniqueness is a pre-requisite for my contentment, happiness & joy. Fully embracing it allows me to hit my stride in the cadence of life, and it's in that stride that I'm reminded even more deeply that..."life is good". My friends have shared similar realizations as well. we approach the new year, this is the blessing I send out into the universe today: "In 2007 may we unabashedly savor & celebrate our 'unihibited uniqueness' -yes this includes what some people call 'quirks' or 'idiosyncrasies' :) - & may we happily commit to cheering-on others to do the same." Namaste. Happy New Year!


Pattie Mosca said...

YUMMY! These colors SPEAK to me!!

Cheryl, The Beading Muse ~ said...

:) You...the Queen of Color!! -- Happy they make you smile!